Prior to using Laser, I had tried shaving, waxing and sugaring for over fifteen years on my back. Shaving was awful and itchy within days, waxing and sugaring were incredibly painful and I was told every time that with many procedures the hair would come in thinner and 15 years later my back still had a carpet of hair. I felt very self-conscious about it and disliked the comments I would hear from time to time at a pool or beach. I finally was persuaded to try Laser hair removal and went to Aspire Laser for a treatment and was convinced from the results of that first treatment that this was the way to permanent hair removal. I was so impressed with the results from my back and shoulders that I now have had my chest and the back of my neck done as well and I couldn’t be happier with the results. The hair on my back, chest, shoulders and neck has been reduced by over 95% and the hair that does come in is much finer and nearly unnoticeable and takes months to grow. Sandra and the team at Aspire are extremely professional and I cannot imagine a more competent, compassionate and discreet hair removal company, you will not be disappointed, I’m certain.

Steve, Windsor


I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the laser hair removal you did on my face. It is so good to look into the mirror and see clear skin and feel better about myself because of a professional treatment. I’m so grateful for your personal care and attention and I want to express to you my gratitude and appreciation for all the fine work done. Everything was timely, precise and efficient. You are really superior!

Imad Daghache


Laser hair removal is amazing!!! What a difference it has made in my life,  I just love the results! I noticed a difference right away.  My skin’s now smooth and the best part is that I don’t have to shave or wax anymore.  I have recommended it to all my friends.  It was the best decision I have ever made … thank you Sandra and Aspire. Wish I had done it years ago.

Marina, Windsor


Many years ago I tried finding a clinic that would provide all my services and needs to do the laser & skin treatments that I was looking for.  Aspire caught my attention so I thought I’d try it through a friends’ recommendation. From the day I walked in the clinic till today, I don’t regret a single decision I’ve ever took. I’ve gotten tremendous results and from there they just keep getting better and better every single time. Sandra Desmarais is one of my closest friends and she’s an astonishing specialist that never lets me down. She is always open to suggestions and she derives requests openly. Sandra and Aspire are like family and going to get treatments is like going for a visit at a sister’s house. This is to whoever is looking for superior laser treatments and other services; Aspire is the place to be.

Mnal Loubani


I have been a client at Aspire for approximately two years now.  I must say that my laser hair removal treatments have increased my overall self esteem and I am now able to feel more comfortable with myself!  It is wonderful to get such great service from Sandra and her staff!  Aspire has a friendly and relaxing environment.  I look forward to being a client for a very long time.

Uzma, Windsor


If you’re reading this chances are that you’ve most likely inherited a lot of unwanted body hair from your parents as I have.  The hairy chest that was kinda’ cool when I was in my late teens started to spread to my back, neck & shoulders by my mid 20’s.  For over a decade I got it waxed & shaved off. I found waxing & shaving to be painful & inconvenient, with results that didn’t last. The hair seemed to grow back thicker each time. My girlfriend at the time wasn’t too happy about the new back hair that I started to grow since we first met. She brought me to a laser clinic in the early days of the technology when the equipment was not as sophisticated as it is today & the results were marginal after many treatments. After just a few treatments at ASPIRE the results were quite obvious. At ASPIRE they not only have state of the art equipment, they also apply the technology using procedures in a methodical way. They monitor each client’s progress & uniquely tailor the treatments to that person’s needs. For instance, during laser hair removal they record the laser levels that different areas are treated at, as well as the clients comfort & reaction to that level & adjust accordingly for that person. I am happy to now be on a maintenance program. My appointments are far less frequent, the hair is almost gone & when it does come back it is much finer. I am more than happy with the results of my treatments & highly recommend any one of the services that ASPIRE offers.

Paul Monforton, Windsor

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