Skin Treatments

Our skin care treatments are customized for your specific skin type. Professional Skin Care Products help reduce the depth of surface lines, smooth rough skin texture, treat discoloration and redness, and assist in clearing acne/blemished skin. Experience effective skin care treatments designed to nourish and enhance your skin’s appearance. Discover the advanced and accessible solution for achieving healthy glowing skin regardless of age or skin type.

Alumier MD Peels

Alumier MD Peels are treatments used to improve skin texture and tone. An acid is applied to skin to lower the pH, which loosens the connections between dead skin cells, inducing exfoliation and stimulating new cell growth. This process causes superficial layers of dead skin to peel off, revealing a smoother and more radiant complexion. Chemical peels can also thicken the epidermis, increase dermal volume and stimulate collagen. The AlumierMD  peel treatments are a combination of light, brightening resurfacing solutions that improves the signs of aging, hyperpigmentation & acne scaring with minimal downtime. AlumierMD Peels can be performed on all levels of the Fitzpatrick scale, which means is safe to use on all skin types and colour. AlumierMD peels will provide you the experience of receiving the ultimate, customized peel experience to treat your specific concerns. Your skin care specialist will complete a thorough skin analysis and recommend an individualized treatment program to address your skin concerns.

Neck and Decollete professional treatment

This treatment combines AlumierMD Glow Peel, Deep Moisture Mask and the Neck and Decollete Firming Cream to create a results driven approach to reduce the signs of aging and sun damage in the Neck and Decollete.



At Aspire, our facials are results driven, meaning we create a unique facial for each client based on their specific skin needs and goals. The experience is very relaxing, but you’ll notice real changes in your skin due to the active ingredients and solutions used in our treatments. That’s why we use the term “Medi-Facial” – it’s simply an enhanced facial geared towards achieving specific results. Medi-Facials derive their name from being medical-strength cosmetic treatments, but that doesn’t mean that a Medi-Facial needs to be harsh on the skin – it just means it’s more “results” driven and helps promote faster and healthier cell turnover while also deeply exfoliating your skin. The Medi-Facials are designed to cleanse, exfoliate, rehydrate and rejuvenate your skin.  We have an extensive skin care bar containing active enzymes, acids, nutrients, amino acids, antioxidants and much more.

To soothe your senses a relaxing hand & foot massage is

incorporated in with our facial treatments. 

Enzyme Retexturing Medi Facial

Enzyme retexturing treatment is a highly effective yet gentle resurfacing solution. It combines fruit enzymes – including pineapple, papaya, apple and citrus to exfoliate dead skin cells and promote skin renewal, minimizing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation.  Honey soothes, soybean oil moisturizes and glycerin maintains hydration.

Deep Moisture Medi Facial

An intensely hydrating mask ideal for dry, sensitive and irritated skin. This facial infuses moisture into dehydrated, sensitive and irritated skin.  Vitamin B locks in moisture, while arnica and shea butter soothe and calm sensitive or irritated skin. The result is hydrated, plump and glowing skin.

Refining Clay Mask Medi Facial

A soothing and decongesting facial mask ideal for normal to oily skin types. Refining Clay Maski contains calming and soothing ingredients that draw out oil, dirt, and toxins, and stimulate cell renewal for a clearer and more radiant complexion. Beraclay, lactic acid and fruit and protein enzymes exofliate and draw our impurities, while Canadian Willow herb, aloe and green tea soothe and protect.

Mini Facial

A quick pick me up for the busy person, this will leave your skin fresh and glowing. To purify and rebalance the skin using botanicals to help decongest the skin leaving it clean and fresh.

Luxurious AlumierMD Medi Facial

The Luxurious AlumierMD Medi Facial is a unique experience that combines relaxation with high performing active ingredients to address your skin concerns.  Get ready to relax and let go as you receive the ultimate in customization and relaxation.  This facial includes a facial massage, lymphatic drainage and pressure point massage that will help release toxins in the skin and soothe pain while relaxing the body and mind. We will customize your treatment, which will leave you looking and incredibly radiant and feeling refreshed and balanced.      
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