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To reduce chapping, redness, itching, and keep skin more healthy and comfortable this season, try these tips. *Wash in Lukewarm Water *Moisturize Immediately Afterwards *Choose Moisturizers Carefully *Protect your skin with proper SPF *Hydrate your body from the inside out *Overnight moisturize *Exfoliate *Invest in a humudifier *Change your cleanser *Drink plenty of water *Choose a well balanced diet
Focus on Dry Skin……Whether it stems from temperature changes, harsh ingredients, medical ingredients or aging – when skin becomes dry and can’t retain sufficient moisture, it’s hard to bring it back to a smooth and soft state….And it goes without saying: Dry Skin isn’t fun. It can feel tight after cleansing and is prone to visible flaking, dullness and a more prominent appearance to fine lines and wrinkles. 3 STEPS TO ALLEVIATING DRY SKIN. 1. Cleans and Exfoliate: Choose gentle cleansing products that don’t strip excess oil. Gentle exfoliating treatments will help remove surface build-up. Be sure to apply moisturizer while skin is still damp after cleansing to lock in moisture.
2. Increase Hydration: To control excessive dryness, use products that have ingredients to hold in moisture. Some examples are products with Hyaluronic acid, Glycerin and Shea Butter. 3. Protect from UV Exposure. Everyone should be using an SPF of 30 or greater ever day on any exposed skin. UV Exposure can cause dry skin and also irritation. So be sure to use a product that offers protection from both UVA and UVB Rays
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